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Timothy Williams

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Wild Horses
Robert Duvall
Walking With The Enemy
Ben Kingsley
Red Sky
Bill Pullman
Jason Mamoa
Beyond All Boundaries
Tom Hanks
Butterfly Circus
Doug Jones
Mulberry Tree
Joe Morton
History Of Future Folk


Guardians Of The Galaxy
Sucker Punch
Shark Night 3D

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ABC Missing
Sym Bionic Titan
ABC Last Resort
ABC Whispers

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God Of War:Ascension
Rise Of The Argonaughts


WILD HORSES Soundtrack - Lakeshore Records.

"The score opens with the theme for the estranged son. It’s a dense and melancholic piece with shows a heavy burden that had time to settle down and grow roots inside someone. For a few moments there I get a Nick Cave / Warren Ellis vibe and that’s always good. That is a special kind of sadness that I can always relate and connect to.
“Benny’s return” is so good and so perfect in sound that I feel as if all my previous experience of listening to country music has been concentrated in this wonderful and soulful tune. I can see the camp fire, the cowboy hats and I can smell the moonshine. This theme has the hopeful melancholy that country music shines at. I just had to stop and replay this cue a few times.
When an ambient motif like this comes along, for me time stands still and I feel the seconds pass much slower. I get wonderfully lost in there.Timothy Williams managed to raise all sorts of feelings inside me and also brought a healthy dose of summer melancholy with those pure country tunes. If you are a fan of the genre, of the composer or if you just want to hear something quite rare in today’s film music, give this one a try. You will spend some meaningful moments with it."
Soundtrack Dreams.

DEBUG Soundtrack - Lakeshore Records.

"He’s impressed with the jet-fueled thrills of “Red Sky” and the massively symphonic historical scope of “Walking with the Enemy,” but with DEBUG, Timothy Williams brings a cool, throbbing retro flavor to the combination of electronics and orchestra that thrillingly powers. It’s often hard to tell where the twisted circuitry and actual instruments trade off, especially given the composer’s novel way of recording the orchestra in “reverse” to fill in this super-elongated craft. Williams uses creepy atmospheres, chopping rhythms and ominous suspense to create a fun musical interface between the HUD-equipped, ill-fated computer kids and future Aquaman Jason Moma’s well-coiffed tormentor, his percussion-heavy music effectively jumping between the real and circuitry worlds. For as sparkling clean as “Debug’s” impressive sets are, Williams gives a nasty, rock and roll grunginess to the score that conveys a punk team spirit facing off against a fiendish circuitry man, also conveying a spirit of sacrifice in his more emotional moments of camaraderie that use unexpectedly poetic piano, voice and melancholy strings to contrast with the more angrily energized music at hand.
“Debug” once again shows that Williams is able to suit up for far bigger genre fare, especially when his character-centered score helps give “Debug” electrified, big budget resonance".
Daniel Schweiger

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY Soundtrack - Lakeshore Records.

Timothy Williams's score for Walking with the Enemy totally took me by surprise. I enjoyed his previous music for Red Sky, and was intrigued to hear what he would deliver this time around. I was expecting the standard WWII score (made popular by John William's music for Saving Private Ryan and console games like Michael Giacchino's work on the early Medal of Honor games). But, what Timothy Williams delivers here tops all of them.The spirit of John Williams is alive and well in several tracks (most notably in the closing moments of 'Sophie') but it's John Williams's score for War Horse which these segments brought to mind. The music here was so rich and varied, by the time I was ready to write this review I had notes on why I loved almost every single track. The music is beautiful and multi-layered. This is an epic score that should be in every soundtrack fan's collection. 10/10
Darren Rea - Review Graveyard
"This is very dramatic and sometimes very beautiful music mixed together. There’s harrowing strings, and big bursts of sound and militaristic percussion. Walking With The Enemy has a lot of heart, there’s no doubt about that. The music evokes deep emotions in me, both happiness and sadness. This score has everything a war drama should have. It has action, it has themes, heroics, sweetness and it evokes emotions. I had it quite emotional when I listened to this score and I think that’s great. Any score that makes me feel something has done something right. This had more emotions than what I was prepared for. It’s a treat listening to this and one of my biggest positive surprises of the year.
Jørn Tillnes - Soundtrack Geek 5/5

RED SKY Soundtrack - Lakeshore Records.

It all explodes into life in “Escape from Azerbaijan”, a terrific action cue, really impressive orchestral writing the highlight. Electronics inevitably accompany that but it’s done with no small degree of panache. Then more distinctive flavours begin to emerge – I particularly like the colourful use of the duduk and ney to provide the requisite ethnic tinge combined with a subtle female vocal, “Besh Barmag” is a particularly attractive piece. Following that, it’s virtually non-stop action to the end of the short album. It’s handled with aplomb and is certainly exciting material (punctuated by the touching “Requiem for the Dead”).
James Southall
Timothy Williams has increasingly been making inroads as a solo composer on such dramatically versatile scores as the WW2 resistance of “Walking With the Enemy” and a fateful relationship under “The Mulberry Tree.” But if you’re looking to hear what Williams is capable of in all of his rock ‘em, sock ‘em glory, then “Red Sky” delivers on the action thunder, all under cover of Williams' terrific theme that’s all about bravery and solemn nobility, all given exceptional symphonic production value. A female “Red Sky Anthem” in the album’s coolest bit.
Daniel Schweiger
Timothy Williams score for Red Sky is another one of those little gems that you come across from time to time. The movie might not sound like your cup of tea at all, but the score is impressive. Probably the easiest way to describe it is like a modern James Bond score. It's got some impressive action themes, as well as some beautiful segments.
Darren Rea


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